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  • Important: Water Consumption for Horses During Winter

    Winter is usually when horses are not as active than in warmer months. In the summertime, horse owners assume that ...

  • Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

    The holiday season is just around the corner and many pet parents want to include the family pet in their holiday celebrat ...

  • Tips for Winter Egg Production

    Winter is upon us and egg production tends to slow down in late fall due to the shorter days. Lighting ...

  • Take Care of Your Wild Birds This Winter!

    caption id="attachment_4372" align="alignright" width="217"] Female Yellow-Rumped Warbler[/caption] Wild birds visiting your backyard this winter thrive mainly on s ...

  • Pet Vaccine Clinic at Olsen’s Verde

    Bring your pets to our Pet Vaccine Clinic at Olsen’s Verde Valley store on Saturday, December 2nd. Dr. Flannery with ...

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