October 2017 Family Rewards Specials

Olsen’s October Chick or Tweet Savings will get you in the Halloween spirit! Enjoy the savings with spectacular deals just for you to save more on poultry, wild bird, and equine feeds as well as other supplies for your barn and stable with Olsen’s October 2017 Family Rewards Specials.

Sign up for Olsen’s Family Rewards Program today and enjoy member-exclusive specials plus coupons in our monthly newsletters. Sale prices are valid through October 31st for Family Rewards members only. Membership in Olsen’s Family Rewards is free and easy to join at any Olsen’s Grain store location.

Join today to take advantage of Olsen’s October 2017 Family Rewards Specials

  • SAVE $2 OFF Purina Flock Raiser- 50 lb. bag
  • SAVE 10% OFF Purina Flock Raiser Medicated or Non-Medicated Chick Start & Grower – 5 lb. bag 
  • SAVE $2 OFF Purina Organic Laying Crumbles or Pellets – 40 lb. bags
  • SAVE $1 OFF Nutrena Feather Fixer – 40 lb. bag
  • SAVE $2 OFF Purina Layena Pellets, Crumbles, Plus Omega 3 – Large Bags
  • SAVE $1 OFF Olsen’s All Purpose Poultry, Chick Starter, Layer Crumble or Pellet  – 40 lb. bag 
  • $9.99 EACH- Olsen’s Scratch – 50 lb. bag
  • SAVE $2 OFF Wild Bird Seed – 40 lb. bags
  • SAVE $3 OFF Black Sunflower Seeds – 50 lb. bags
  • SAVE $1 OFF Coarse Shavings – 12 cubic ft. 
  • $2.50 EACH Kaytee Liberty Bell – 15 oz. 
  • SAVE $3 OFF Millet -50 lb. bags
  • SAVE $2 OFF Kaytee All American Wild Bird Cake – 2 lb. bags


October 2017 Family Rewards Specials

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