Take Care of Your Wild Birds This Winter!

Wild Birds

Female Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Wild birds visiting your backyard this winter thrive mainly on seeds, since insects and fruits are obviously harder to find during cold weather.  The best foods to offer wild birds are those with a higher fat or oil content which provide abundant energy for winter survival.

Nutritious winter food for wild birds include black sunflower seeds, Nyger seed and mealworms. Find all of these wild bird favorites at Olsen’s Grain stores.  In December, Family Rewards Members enjoy great savings* on these wild bird delicacies:

$9.99 Each

  • Olsen’s Milled Feed (Wild Bird Seed, Scratch C.O.B. or Economy Wildbird Seed
  • Olsen’s Ultra Wild Bird Seed – 20 lb. bag
*December Family Rewards Specials Good December 1 through 31st, 2017

According to the Northern Arizona Audubon Society, this is the season for viewing warblers and sparrow varieties as well as other “visiting” migratory songbirds.  Check out their website which includes a great map for best locations for wild bird watching.

We also have wild bird houses and feeders available to welcome your feathered friends to your backyard.  Visit us at Olsen’s Grain stores for all of your wild bird seed and supplies and, remember, Family Rewards Members save more— Sign up today!


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