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African Geese

African GeeseAfrican Geese are one of the heavy breeds recognized by the APA’s Standard. They were first recognized in 1874 and are presently accepted in Brown (or Gray) and White. Africans are the leanest of the heavy breeds and are popular for this reason, as well as for their stately looks. An adult gander and goose should weigh in at 20 and 18 pounds, respectively.

Chick description:
Goslings have a black bill with a pink tip and dark gray feet. They are a soft yellow with gray and black along there backside.

Adult Description:
This breed is not as heavy as the Toulouse or White Embden, but they mature early. They are different from other geese in having a large black knob on their head and a dark stripe down the back of the neck. They are very dignified looking and attract a great deal of attention. They are especially desirable for crossing with the heavier breeds of geese.