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Olsen’s Dewey Store Spring Chick deliveries are scheduled for March through April 2021. Whether you are adding to your flock or just getting started, Olsen’s for Healthy Animals is ready to help your chicks grow into healthy, egg-producing hens.

Check our schedule below for delivery dates and the type of chicks scheduled to arrive. Note that changes can occur at any time from the hatchery.   Call the store before heading over to confirm arrivals.

Chick Days

Are you set up for a successful flock? Olsen’s stores offer chicken supplies to raise a healthy flock: poultry feeds, coops, feeders, waterers, shavings, heat lamps and more!

Olsen’s Dewey Store Spring Chick Deliveries 

Delivery DateChick Types
Friday, 2/26/2021Ameraucana Pullets, Buff Orpington Pullets, Speckled Sussex Pullets, Rhode Island Red Pullets
Friday, 3/5/2021Barred Rock Pullets, Black Australorp Pullets, Golden Laced Wyandotte Pullets, Delaware Pullets
Friday, 3/12/2021Buff Brahma Pullets, Salmon Faverolle Pullets, Cuckoo Maran Pullets, Ameraucana Pullets
Thursday, 3/18/2021Assorted Frizzles, Assorted Silkies, Assorted Cochin Bantams, White Crested Black Polish Bantams, White Crested Blue Polish Bantams
Friday, 3/26/2021Buff Ducks, Magpie Ducks, Khaki Campbell Ducks, Domesticated Grey Mallards. Cayuga Ducks, Swedish Ducks, Buff Geese, Emden Geese, Buff Saddleback Pomeranian Geese
Friday, 4/2/2021
Ameraucana Pullets, Buckeye Pullets, Buff Orpington Pullets, Olive Egger Pullets
Thursday, 4/8/2021Bourbon Red Turkeys, Narragansett Turkeys, Royal Palm Turkeys, Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys
Friday, 4/16/2021Ameraucana Pullets, Rhode Island Red Pullets, Silver Spangled Hamburg Pullets, Jersey Black Giant Pullets
Please be sure to contact the Dewey Location as arrival dates and breeds may vary from the initial order.