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Olsen's Prescott Spring Chick DeliveriesOlsen’s Prescott Spring Chick Deliveries arrive March through May 2021. Please check the listing below for chick types and quantities. Chick types and dates are subject to change. Interested in a special order? Contact your local Olsen’s store for details. Please call Olsen’s Prescott store at 928-445-1664 to confirm quantities and chick types are available in store.

Now is the time to start your backyard flock or add to your coop! Hurry in for the best selection of the chick types you want this Spring!

Follow us on Facebook for new Spring chick arrivals. Check out the schedule below for other Olsen’s store locations to see upcoming chick arrivals and details.

Are you set up for a successful flock? Olsen’s stores offer the chicken supplies you need to raise a healthy flock: poultry feeds, coops, feeders, waterers, shavings, heat lamps, and more!

Olsen’s Prescott Spring Chick Deliveries

Arrival DateChick Types & Quantities (#)
Friday, 3/5/2021Easter Egger (25), Rhode Island Red (25), Black Australorp (25)
Friday, 3/12/2021Easter Egger (25), Rhode Island Red (25), Sicilian Buttercup (25)
Friday, 3/19/2021Rhode Island Red (25), Red Cross (25)
Friday, 3/26/2021Easter Egger (25), Rhode Island Red (25), Ancona (25)
Friday, 4/2/2021Rhode Island Red (25), Barred Rock (25), Delaware Pullets (25)
Friday, 4/9/2021
Buff Orpington (25), Speckled Sussex (25), Light Brahma (25)
Friday, 4/16/2021Rhode Island Red (25), Buff Brahma (25)
Thursday, 4/22/2021Buff Brahma Bantams (25)
Friday, 4/23/2021Easter Egger Pullets (25)
Friday, 4/29/2021BB Bronz Turkeys (20)