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AniMeals on Wheels: Helping Older Adults Feed Their Pets

AniMeals on Wheels | Olsen's GrainHelp Olsen’s Grain feed homebound older adults pets through AniMeals on Wheels, a program partially funded through Meals on Wheels of America, animal professionals volunteering their time, and private donations. Olsen’s supports the AniMeals program that ensures older adults pets are provided with healthy meals through donations of pet food. 

You can help support this great program by donating pet food to the AniMeals program at Olsen’s Prescott location. Once a month, Prescott Meals on Wheels stops by Olsen’s Prescott store and picks up all the donated pet food from Olsen’s Grain, pet food companies, and community donors. These are then distributed to the homebound seniors who have pets at home.

Help older adults keep their pets healthy with pet food for proper nutrition. 

Watch Ryan Baynes manager of the Olsen’s Prescott store talk about the AniMeals on Wheels program and how they help feed the needy animals in the community.

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