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Pet Safety During Monsoon Season

Olsen’s Grain wants to help keep pets safe this monsoon season.  Check out these tips on Pet Safety During Monsoon Season.

The Arizona monsoon is simply a pattern of a pronounced increase in thunderstorms and rainfall over large areas of Arizona. This usually occurs July-September. Unfortunately, due to Arizona’s hard, desert ground, the waterPet Safety During Monsoon Season quicker than it can be absorbed, causing flash flooding, property damage, and road closures.  While pet owners are generally aware of the need to protect their homes and vehicles from possible damage, they may sometimes forget that there are serious dangers that these storms can pose to their beloved pets as well. Here are a few Pet Safety During Monsoon Season to help keep your furry friends safe during the season.

In Arizona, monsoon storms are typically experienced during the summer. Humidity levels increase, and the season is marked by wind storms, dust storms, and periods of heavy desert rains. Having information about this season of unsettled weather will help residents and visitors understand Arizona’s monsoon and to take steps to be safe during monsoon activity. Flooding and wind damage can occur. 

Pet Safety During Monsoon Season:

  1. Keep pets indoors during dust and monsoon storms and make sure you secure all pet doors.
  2. Provide a safe place for pets to wait out the storm. For pets, afraid of the sound of thunder provide distractions like a special toy, a delicious treat, or soothing. 
  3. Have an emergency kit near the front door or in your car, just in case. Include an extra leash, food, portable bowl, water, and any important medical records or necessary medication.
  4. Walking your dog after a storm? Avoid walking near running water or washes. Heavy rains can lead to flash floods.
  5. The wind can lead to sharp debris that may injure pets. Make sure to clear any hazards from your yard before letting pets out again.

A pet may be fearful of visual cues such as lightning or blowing leaves and dirt. Auditory cues such as rain and thunder may create anxiety for a pet, as well. Storm phobia is one of the most common phobias in dogs and may present as general anxiety, whining, and barking, house soiling or destructive behavior. Address storm phobias with pets by not punishing them for showing fearful or anxious behavior. Instead, create positive associations with storms by giving treats, toys and verbal praise for appropriate behavior during a storm. Obedience classes and daily interactions with pets also help reduce phobias and anxiety in pets who are more sensitive to storms.

Arizona’s monsoon season can be a scary time for pet owners and their furry companions, but it doesn’t have to be! By making sure that you are both informed and prepared, you can help your pets with the added stress that this season can bring.  If you’ve never experienced monsoon season in Arizona, it isn’t as terrifying as it may sound.

Here at Olsen’s Grain, we would like for pet owners to share these tips with fellow pet owners. Stay safe this summer, friends. 




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