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The Roundup Program Supports K9 Police Dog

Sep ’19
10:00 pm

Jax a K9 police dogThe Roundup Program Supports K9 Police Dog begins September 16th – 28th at all store locations. This program assists police officers every day do their job in many areas. Customers are encouraged to “round-up” their purchases when they can. These police dogs work hard to protect their human partners to fight crime. 

Cottonwood police may use their K9s to apprehend fleeing suspects, search for discarded or hidden evidence or contraband, detect illegal drugs, search buildings and help protect officers. Cottonwood’s K9 team is available for public appearances and demonstrations as well.

The Many Types of Police Dogs

  • Sentry dogs or attack dogs locate and subdue suspects.
  • Search and rescue dogs find suspects or missing people.
  • Detection dogs find drugs or explosives.
  • Arson dogs smell accelerants that suspect of arson.
  • Cadaver dogs detect decomposing bodies. 

A Police dog’s police work could mean life or death. The importance of their work can’t go unnoticed. That’s why last year Olsen’s Grain was proud to sponsor Jax, a german shepherd who’s partner is Officer Cory.  

This past year Olsen’s was proud to sponsor Jax and his police partner is Officer Cory. Jax was fed Exclusive Dog Food from our Verde Valley store. Olsen’s Grain supports local fundraising through programs called the Round-Up which happens at certain times throughout the year. Customers are encouraged to “round-up” their purchases when they can. Last year we are proud to announce that our round-up collected 850 donations which totaled $690.20! This donation went to the Cottonwood K-9s! Thanks for your support of the Valley Verde Community! 

Jax K9 Police Dog and Officer Cory