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August 2020 Specials at Olsen’s!

Check out the HOT summer August Specials at Olsen’s! Prices valid August 1-31, 2020. 

Pet Food Savings
Avoderm Grain Free Rotation Diet Dog Food. 4lb bags, $10.99 each. 22 lb bags, $5.00 off. Select sizes.
Fromm Gold Dog Food, Adult and Large Breed Adult Recipes, 33lb bags, $3 off. 
Red Barn Bully Stick (12″ only), $5.99 each

Horse Savings
Purina Equine Senior horse food, $22.99 each. (Savings of $2)

Other Savings:
Spartan Mosquito Eradicators, $25.99/box (includes 2 tubes)
Purina Layena Poultry Feed (Pellets, Crumbles, Layena Plus Omega 3), 40 & 50 lb bags, $16.99 each
Purina Rabbit Chow, 50lb bag, $17.99 (savings of $2)
Olsen’s Black Sunflower Seeds, 50lb Bag, $22.99 (savings of $2)
Pyranha Wipe & Spray, 32 ounces, $16.99 (savings of $2)

Shop your local Olsen’s store and save with our August 2020 specials! 

August 2020 Specials