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Goats, Sheep & Swine

Find quality sheep, goat & swine feeds at Olsen’s Grain stores, serving Northern Arizona.



Purina Mills Goat Chow

Purina Goat Chow is fortified with all the essential vitamins and minerals, such as selenium, Vitamin E, and cobalt and...

Goat Block

Formulated to Supplement Goats on Range or Pasture. Essential nutrients supplement natural forage. 18% protein supports kid growth and doe lactation. Added...

Goat Mineral

A uniquely formulated supplement rich in nutrients essential to the proper development and well-being of goats of all ages and...

Nature's Match Grower Finisher

Nature's Match Grower-Finisher Feed is a complete, all-natural ration for growing-finishing pigs. A 16% protein feed that provides balanced nutrition...

Nature's Match Starter Grower

Nature's Match Starter-Grower Feed is a complete, all natural pig starter-grower ration to supply all nutrients necessary for pigs weighing...


Olsen’s Milled C.O.B is a blend of rolled corn, oats, and barley with molasses. This 3 Way Grain Mix is...

Dry C.O.B

Dry C.O.B. (corn, oats, barley) is a livestock feed manufactured by Olsen's and available at any of our stores.   ...