Mike’s Hay Report

Hay Report

Mike Olsen

Mike's Hay Report Week of 5/27/19

Hay TypeStores AvailableHay QualityApproximate
Bale Weight
Hay CuttingHay Origin
Alfalfa PremiumALLExcellent90-100 lbs.2018Phoenix Area
AlfalfaALLAverage90-100 lbs.2018Phoenix Area
BermudaALLExcellent95-100 lbs.2018El Centro, CA
Timothy 2 WireOUT OF STOCKExcellent 80 lbs. 2018Colorado
Timothy 3 StringVerde& Chino
Excellent100 lbs. 2018
Cattle HayChino95-100 lbs.2018Phoenix Area
Orchard 2 StringChino -OUT OF STOCKExcellent60 lbs.2018Nevada, Oregon or Colorado
Orchard 3 StringChino, Dewey,Flagstaff, PrescottExcellent90-100 lbs. 2018Nevada or Oregon