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Mike’s Hay Report

Hay Report

Mike Olsen

Olsen’s is pleased to provide quality hay and shavings to our community.

  • 3-String Alfalfa
  • 3-String Bermuda Hay
  • Cattle Hay
  • Orchard Hay
  • Timothy Hay
  • Straw

Read our latest hay report. Mike provides the latest updates on hay and shavings for the community. 

Mike's Hay Report

Hay TypeStores AvailableHay QualityApproximate
Bale Weight
Hay CuttingHay Origin
Alfalfa PremiumALLExcellent90-100 lbs.2019Phoenix Area
Alfalfa ALLAverage90-100 lbs.2019Phoenix Area
BermudaALLExcellent95-100 lbs.2019El Centro, CA
Timothy 2 WireALLExcellent 80 lbs. 2019
Timothy 3 StringOUT OF STOCK
Excellent100 lbs. 2019
Cattle HayChino Valley95-100 lbs.2019Phoenix Area
Orchard 2 StringALLExcellent60 lbs.2019Colorado
Orchard 3 StringChino Valley, Dewey, Prescott
Excellent90-100 lbs. 208Colorado