Small Business Saturday Sale Deals

Nov ’15
Nov ’17

Olsen’s Small Business Saturday Sale is One Day Only this Saturday, November 25th. Shop at Olsen’s Grain stores and get BIG savings on pet food, Olsen’s Mill Feed Products and Wild Bird Seed:

Small Business Saturday Sale Deals

  • All Gift Items – Save 10% Off (Selection Varies By Store)

Small Business Saturday Wild Bird Seed $9.99 Sale

  • Olsen’s Economy Wild Bird Seed – 50 lb. Bag (5 bag limit)
  • Olsen’s Wild Bird Seed – 40 lb. Bag (5 bag limit)
  • Olsen’s Ultra Wild Bird – 20 lb. Bag (5 bag limit)

Small Business Saturday Chicken Feed $9.99 Sale

  • Olsen’s Layer Crumbles or Layer Pellets – 40 lb. Bag (5 bag limit)
  • Olsen’s Scratch – 50 lb. Bag (5 bag limit)

Pet Food

  • $10 OFF Natural Balance – Dog or Cat Food Large Bag Varieties (With your purchase, receive a FREE bag of Natural Balance Treats)

Olsen’s Locally Milled Products

  • $9.99 EACH Rolled Barley, Corn, Wheat, Corn Oats Barley, Cracked Corn, Barley Corn, Dairy 14%, Dry C.O.B., Hog Ration, Recleaned Barley, Corn, Milo, Oats or Wheat – 50 lb. bags (5 bag limit)

Walk, run or waddle and shop small business this Saturday at Olsen’s Grain stores! Small business sale deals and friendly, personalized customer service you won’t find anywhere else— Shop at Olsen’s Grain and Save!


Small Business Saturday Sale

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  1. Joy Staveley says:

    Is the sale only on the dog foods listed above?

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