Smartlic HorseLic Tubs free choice horse supplements

Smartlic HorseLic Tubs free choice horse supplementsA Free Choice Supplement for all Classes of Equines

Smartlic HorseLic Tubs free choice horse supplements are designed to meet the needs of a growing and maturing horses. This product is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of breeding stallions and mares and the athlete horse.   Simply remove the cover and place in the pasture or stall for your horse’s free choice consumption.  HorseLic tubs are $4 off at Olsen’s Grain through the end of September 2018. 

Omega Elite is formulated with a concentrated level of omega-3 fatty acids derived from ground flax seed and flax seed oil to support growth, reproduction, lactation and top athletic performance.  Healthy fats have three to five times the energy value of starches, so horses receive a stabilized form of energy in the form of essential fats.  Omega-3 fats help prevent gastric ulcers, alleviates allergic hyperactivity, supports heavy workloads, and benefits reproductive organs. They also provide anti-inflammatory benefits and improve bone formation.  Omega Elite also contains B-Vitamin enrichment, Zinpro organic trace minerals, and Diamond V yeast.

Produced using a patented state-of-the-art continuous flow process, HorsLic Omega Elite is a self-fed, nutrient dense, low-moisture, all-weather supplement. 

Each HorsLic product is carefully formulated to provide Omega 3 fatty acids and essential nutrients that can help maintain horse body condition and skin tissue and hoof condition.

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