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The Olsen’s Equine Enthusiast Facebook Group is a place for people who are passionate about horses to connect, have access to professional advice, and share tips.

A member of the page should be able to share a favorite riding spot, find out where other members like to ride or ask if they would like to ride together. This may also include riding events such as trail rides, roping’s, or gymkhanas that are in the area. Members can ask each other (and Olsen’s) questions about horse care, and share helpful tips within the group. For example, a member can Equine Enthusiasts Facebook Groupshare a tip about getting their horse to eat, or ask for advice on how to get a horse’s tail to grow. Equine Enthusiasts Facebook Group members can recommend products that they have found useful in solving an issue as well.

Moreover, becoming a member of the Equine Enthusiasts group also grants access to nutrition professionals. Although this is not a Purina sponsored page, being a dealer not only gives Olsen’s access to useful materials for members to look at, but they have close relationships with Purina specialists. If a member has a nutritional issue or question regarding their horse they can post it to the page, and with Olsen’s access to Purina equine specialists, they can provide credible responses. Also, a close relationship with Purina means members can get special discounts on Purina products, and even free feed. (currently, have coupons available for 20 dollars off a bag of Outlast).

Once a week the Equine Enthusiasts group will post If/Then scenarios featuring products that Olsen’s carries. These scenarios or topics will correlate with trending issues or seasonal problems. This is also a segment that can utilize the My Local Purina Dealer videos.

Topics that might be covered include the following issues (These are all typical summer issues.)
  • Fly problems
  • Gastric IssuesEquine Enthusiasts Facebook Group
  • Hoof cracking
  • Dehydration
  • Pinkeye
  • Allergies
  • Horses getting too “hot” on feed

The concept of the Equine Enthusiasts page is to provide a reliable place for horse owners to interact both with each other and with Olsen’s. It is NOT a place to:

  • Buy, Sell, or Trade Horses/Tack/Feed, etc.
  • Use foul language.
  • Rant or Vent.
  • Leave Reviews of Olsen’s.
  • Post any ads about product goods or services.
  • Post in Case of an Emergency—If an Emergency with your animal occurs, please contact your local veterinarian.

Join the Olsen’s Equine Enthusiasts Facebook Group with and have a place to connect, have access to professional advice, and share tips with others who are passionate about equine.