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Olsen Family | Olsen’s for Healthy Animals

Olsen Family 2014

With deep roots in northern Arizona, Olsen’s for Healthy Animals has been a major retail supplier of pet, livestock, and wild bird feeds since 1979. Starting with the original location in Chino Valley, Olsen’s has grown to five stores strong and is now also serving the communities of Prescott, Dewey/ Humboldt, Clarkdale, Flagstaff and their surrounding areas. Today, the company’s superior product offerings and service form the basis for its motto: “Good Enough, Just Isn’t”.

Olsen’s for Healthy Animals: Family-Owned Business

What started out in Chino Valley in 1979 as a dream of Mike and Sherrill Olsen, and Mike’s father John, has become much, much more over the past 42 years! Back then, their objective was to just survive as a tiny Purina feed store called Olsen’s Chino Valley Grain, with a 1940’s feed mill, and one lone helper. Today, Olsen’s has 5 stores in North Central Arizona, and between 75 and 80 enthusiastic, engaged employees. What a difference a few years makes! With the addition, very early on, of owners Steve and Kathy (Olsen) Sischka, and Dan and Barb Olsen, Olsen’s was ready to take on the future.

That future included expansion into Prescott (’80), Dewey (’82), Flagstaff (’97). and Clarkdale (’02) as Northern Arizona grew. With area growth came large competition, but Olsen’s continued to thrive because of its ties to the local communities it served. Throughout its history, Olsen’s has been committed to helping its community partners be successful and continues to invest money, time, and talent to that end. Olsen’s store managers live in the communities they serve and are totally committed to thinking local, speaking local, and caring local.

Olsen’s has always been everything animal and pet, and as rural animal and pet owners became more sophisticated over the last 42 years, Olsen’s has been there every step of the way. The one thing that hasn’t changed is their commitment to customer service. They want customers to know what true rural American customer hospitality is all about, thus their trademarked motto “Good Enough, Just Isn’t”. That’s a tough standard to live up to, but Olsen’s strives to reach it every day.

Looking back on 42, Olsen’s added the Arizona Equifest, expanded and modernized their existing stores, implemented a management structure independent of their initial ownership, and re-branded, all with the intent of making sure that Olsen’s will always be there when their customers need them.

Mike, Sherrill, Steve, Kathy, and Dan continue to contribute to the vision of a bright Olsen’s future and remain involved as the Board of Directors of Olsen’s Grain, Inc. and participate on a daily basis as needed. They are Community Ambassadors that spread the good word about the company through their community service, and long time community contacts. Mike and Sherrill are deeply involved with the horse and livestock communities, Steve is a longtime Rotarian with Prescott Frontier Rotary, the voice of Olsen’s on the radio, Prescott City Councilman and on the Board of Trustees of YRMC, Kathy has been on the Corporate Board of Catholic Charities and is currently on the Board of THE PUSD Education Foundation, Dan is currently on the Governing Elder Board, Director of Men’s Ministry, and Chaplain of Spiritual Care, all at Mountaintop Christian Fellowship Church. He is also a volunteer Chaplain at YRMC.

All in all, 42 has a good ring to it, for Olsen’s and the communities they serve.

Olsen’s for Healthy Animals, Own Line of Feed

The Olsen’s feed mill in Chino Valley dates back to the 1940s. In its early years, the mill took care of local dairymen and farmers. With modernization and renovation of the mill, Olsen’s for Healthy Animals now produces its own lines of feed. This caters to the modern “back yard” animal enthusiasts.

“Olsen’s Fresh Milled Products” include sweet feed, cleaned and rolled grains, and custom mixes for horses, hogs, sheep, chickens, and cattle.

Along with their own line of feeds, they carry a complete line of Purina Mills Feeds which is the largest feed manufacturer in the U.S. It features such respected brand names as Layena, Omolene, Equine Senior, and Ultium. Since 1894, Purina Mills has been on the “cutting edge” of advances in animal nutrition.  Research-based, performance-proven, and quality guaranteed makes Purina Mills number one in the business.

Olsen’s for Healthy Animals are also proud to be northern Arizona’s “Healthy, Holistic Pet Food and Treat” stores. We carry over 31 different specialized brands of dog and cat food for those health-conscious pet parents. We also carry a full line of toys, accessories, and remedies for today’s pets. A complete line of veterinary and farrier supplies are also available. Longevity, experience, personalized customer service and an ever-expanding knowledge of nutritional needs are the basis for Olsen’s for Healthy Animals. It is an operation owned and managed by a family that cares about the community, their employees, and the customers they serve.