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Pasture 30 is a supplement that is designed to be fed to beef cattle on pasture. This unique supplement is second to none when compared to other blocks. This block is the product of a state-of-the-art patented manufacturing process that provides a unique 24-hour feed delivery system. Pasture 30 supplement is an exceptionally nutrient dense block that will give you the most for your money.

Here’s how:

  • Economical: A low cattle feeding rate of 0.75 lb/head daily means lower feeding costs (on a per head per day basis).
  • Weather Resistant: Our patented, “continuous flow” manufacturing system creates a high quality, low-moisture, exceptionally nutrient dense block that maintains its integrity even in hot, humid weather or precipitation.
  • Minimal Labor: SmartLic® Pasture 30 is easy to feed. Simply place the blocks in areas of easy access to the livestock.
  • Returnable Steel Barrels are economical and environmentally friendly and eliminate the expense of additional feeding equipment. Ask us about other available package options and package sizes.


Crude Protein, minimum                     30.0%
(this includes not more than 10% equivalent crude protein as non-protein nitrogen)
Copper, minimum                                300 ppm Crude Fat, minimum                           3.0% Iodine, minimum                                 15 ppm Crude Fiber, maximum                      2.0% Manganese, minimum                       1,200 ppm Calcium, minimum                             1.5% Selenium, minimum                          6.6 ppm Calcium, maximum                            2.4% Zinc, minimum                                   1,200 ppm Phosphorus, minimum                     1.0% Vitamin A, minimum                        80,000 IU/lb Potassium, minimum                        2.5% Vitamin D, minimum                        8,000 IU/lb Cobalt, minimum                               3 ppm Vitamin E, minimum                        80 IU/lb


Provide free-choice as a supplement to pasture cattle at the rate of one block for each 15 to 25 head. Place blocks in each pasture near areas frequented by livestock, such as watering locations, shade or loafing areas. Cattle normally consume approximately 3/4 pound per head daily. Consumption may vary depending on climate, grazing conditions, condition of livestock, and/or availability of other feeds. In situations where climate and/or other factors result in less than 3/4 pound per head daily, intake of supplement can be increased by increasing the number of blocks per pasture.

Provide access to fresh water and free-choice salt at all times.

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