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Purina Cattle Tubs

Purina Molasses BlocksOlsen’s Grain has a full supply of Purina Cattle Tubs to help your cattle in the winter months.  We stock Rangeland and Accuration products by Purina. In addition, our Chino Valley location offers QFL liquid feed.

Why Feed Molasses 

When winter months set in, the quality, as well as the quantity of natural forages, become less available.  When this happens, an energy source (as well as protein) is required. Molasses can be a cost-effective energy source but is low in protein. Molasses provides readily-available energy to stimulate rumen fermentation that helps the animal extract more energy from the forage.  We have several options of Purina cattle tubs as well as a liquid feed option available to beef producers.

Rangeland Tubs

Both 25% and 30% 125-pound tubs are available at Olsen’s Grain. RangeLand® Protein Tubs are a free choice supplement designed for beef cattle on forage diets. The low moisture, cooked molasses products in biodegradable fiber or non-returnable plastic containers will enhance the intake and utilization of available forages while reducing labor for producers. 

A convenient supplement delivery system is ideal for small beef producers with other time commitments, as well as large producers who experience time and labor shortages.

Accuration Blocks and Tubs

 A premium, weather-resistant, molasses option with Intake Modifying Technology. These blocks have fat, vitamins, and minerals.  Designed to balance nutrient deficiencies as dormant grasses or crop residues. Olsen’s Grain carries cake, blocs, tubs, and high-fat tubs in Purina’s accuration line.

Protein tubs provide supply free-choice supplements when beef cattle need more than forage in their diet for protein supplementation. Made to enhance the intake and utilization of available forages, reducing labor for producers. The tubs are weather resistant and able to withstand rain or wind.  Furthermore, because they’re easy to handle, store and manage, producers can ensure their herds receive all the nutrients necessary when forage availability changes.Cattle In Arizona

QFL Liquid Feed – Chino Valley Only

Quality Liquid Feeds is a nationwide, innovative leader in the developing and manufacturing of liquid feed supplements. QLF products fit the nutritional needs of all ruminants. Contact the Chino Valley location for details on the QFL Liquid Feed.


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