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The annual Farm to Table Dinner is Prescott Farmers Market’s single fundraising event. Funds from this event help us fulfill Prescott Farmer’s Market’s mission to support and expand local agriculture, cultivate a healthy community and increase access to affordable local food. This year, they raised funds to support their primary endeavors: NoCo Community Kitchen and the Community Food Hub. Olsen’s was proud to sponsor this great event!

From the Prescott Farmer’s Market:


“Thank you for sponsoring Prescott Farmers Market’s Farm to Table Dinner on Sunday, September 11! Your $1,000 sponsorship of the event helped raise critical funds to open NoCo Community Kitchen! Named “NoCo” after its location on North Cortez, the community kitchen and food hub represent a new approach to fulfilling Prescott Farmers Market’s mission to support and expand local agriculture. Local farmers and food vendors expressed a need for an affordable space to create products made with local food. Now, farmers, food-makers and entrepreneurs have access to a licensed kitchen to transform raw ingredients into value-added products, scale their existing business and explore economic opportunities at a reduced risk, in turn creating additional demand for locally grown food. The incubator program teaches important business skills and provides valuable mentoring and networking opportunities. As an intermediary that connects local farmers and ranchers with institutions like local restaurants, the food hub takes on administrative and logistical responsibilities allowing farmers to stay focused on their farms while still benefiting from increased sales. Ultimately, NoCo makes it possible for those growing and using local food in their business to increase revenue, gain access to new markets and receive support for their operations.”