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Olsen’s Prescott
711 Elrod Rd
Prescott, AZ 86305
South of the Post Office

Phone: 928-445-1664
Fax: 928-778-5685

New Year’s Day  CLOSED
Memorial Day  CLOSED
4th of July  CLOSED
Labor Day  CLOSED
Thanksgiving  CLOSED
Christmas Eve  Open till 2:00PM
Christmas Day  CLOSED

Interested in local delivery? The Prescott store offers a FREE pet food or livestock bagged feed delivery program with a minimum purchase of $25.00! The “Pet Food Delivery Van” delivers within a 10-mile radius of our Prescott store location and will bring you anything except for hay and large livestock supplies that won’t fit in the van. Any purchase under $25.00 will be subject to a $5.00 delivery charge. Call us to schedule a delivery. Check the map to see if you fit in the Prescott FREE delivery radius!


Olsen's Grain Prescott Store Manager, Ryan Baynes

Prescott Store Manager, Ryan Baynes

Contact Us:
Olsen’s Prescott Store Manager: Ryan Baynes

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