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We have 6 Golden Tickets hidden throughout all five of Olsen’s Grain Stores (Flagstaff, Clarkdale, Dewey, Prescott, & Chino Valley). These golden tickets are hidden in Chocolate Bars and Olsen’s Mill Products (Scratch, COB, & Bird seed).



There are two ways you can WIN:

  • First, with every Golden Ticket Chocolate bar you purchase, PEEL the sticker on top of the chocolate bar and if you reveal a “Winner” sticker inside, you win $1,000 Olsen’s gift card. To redeem, you must contact our corporate office at 928-636-0378 and present the “Winner” sticker. Once verified, we will present the winner with $1,000 gift card to use at any of our five store locations in Northern Arizona.
  • Second, we have large golden tickets hidden in our Mill products within the bag itself. After you have purchased the bag and opened it up, it’s hard to miss this shiny golden ticket. On the ticket gives you specific instructions to contact our corporate office at 928-636-0378 and you will present this ticket and once verified to redeem the $1,000 Olsen’s gift card to use at any of our five locations.

It’s that easy to be part of the Olsen’s Grain Golden Ticket Extravaganza. Will you be the one to find a Golden Ticket?


Disclaimer: If Golden Tickets are not redeemed and verified by corporate personnel by August 31st, 2023, those tickets/winners will become VOIDED.





Below you will find information about who has won thus far…

Congratulations Karen!

Congratulations Heather and Tahlia!