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Olsen's offers feed for small animals including rabbits. Two brown rabbits.Caring for your small animal is vital. Olsen’s for Healthy Animals offers a large selection of feeds for small and exotic animals, including:

• Parrots • Rabbits • Guinea Pigs • Turtles • Frogs • Lizards • Parakeets • Finches • Cockatiels • Dove • Wild Birds • Ferrets • Chinchillas • Hamsters • Gerbils • Rats • Tropical Fish

Don’t forget about the supplies! We have cages for birds and rabbits, hamster & guinea pig houses and plenty of aquarium supplies. Our wild bird selection includes houses and feeders. If you’re looking for it, Olsen’s has it!

We carry a large variety of quality Kaytee products. Plus, any item that we do not have in stock can be ordered and arrive at the stores in a week.