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Lawn and Garden Supplies . Colorful images for garden fresh vegetables.A beautiful garden & lawn take a lot of work all year round. Equip yourself with all the necessary gardening supplies for a bountiful vegetable harvest, a bright flower garden or a lush green lawn.  Olsen’s has supplies to help you better manage the activities involved with successful garden and lawn care.

  • Fertilizers

    Olsen's carries Wilbur-Ellis brand fertilizers in a dry granular form. 21-0-0: Ammonium Sulfate is a fast-acting source of nitrogen. Use...

  • Seeds

    Olsen's carries various seeds that are well suited for our area.  Special orders of non-stock items is available, please call...

  • Straw Bale Gardens

    Due to the success of our seminars in the spring of 2015 we are working to meet all your straw...

  • Commercial Weed Sprays

    Olsen's Grain offers commercial weed sprays.  Our concentrated weed control products helps you manage and eliminate unwanted weeds and grasses....