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Evanger’s utilizes high-quality, inspected meats to make highly palatable and nutritious foods that will satisfy even the most finicky eater. With no soy, corn, wheat, artificial ingredients, preservatives, harmful additives or by-products, Evanger’s canned meals make an excellent mixer to our dry foods.

Not only do they offer your pet a variety in taste, but our gourmet dinners also offer the additional nutritional benefits your pet needs. Natural Vitamins and minerals are blended with the wholesome quality meats for ultimate nutrition that are completely balanced meals for all life stages, ages, and breeds.

Our Hand Packed Edition is a monumental improvement in canned dog and cat foods. We have taken our extraordinary product and made it even better by filling each can individually with one pair of hands, instead of machines.

The benefit of this process is that you, the consumer, can actually see the quality ingredients in its original form; whole, pure meats, and fresh vegetables without any additives or by-products. Your pets will think they are being treated like kings and queens!

Olsen’s offers the following Evanger’s Dog Food in our stores:

  • All Meat Classics 100% Beef
  • All Natural Canned Dog Food – Beef, Chicken, and Liver Beef
  • Organic Beef Dinner
  • Heritage Classic Beef With Chicken
  • Heritage Classic Beef & Bacon
  • Heritage Classic Chicken & Rice Dinner
  • Slow Cooked Chicken Stew
  • Hunk of Beef
  • Heritage Classic Lamb & Rice Dinner
  • Organic Cooked Chicken
  • Heritage Classic Puppy Food
  • Heritage Classic Senior & Weight Management Food
  • Whole Chicken Thighs
  • Whole Uncut Sardines

Olsen’s offers the following Evanger’s Cat Food in our stores:

  • Catch of the Day Dinner