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maries' magical dinner dust
Make mealtime more exciting with Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust! Simply sprinkle over your pet’s current meal and serve! A perfect topper to entice picky eaters and add the power and taste of raw to your dog’s diet!

As a company, we do believe raw is the pinnacle of animal nutrition and that any amount of raw in a dog’s diet will have a meaningful and positive impact. We have begun to responsibly expand our brand beyond our raw to make our products more available, yet always delivering best-in-class nutrition that will allow pets to thrive!

Marie’s always uses pristine ingredients that are thoughtfully and responsibly sourced which deliver best-in-class nutrition and palatability.

Olsen’s offers the following Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust in our stores:

  • Grass-Fed Beef Recipe
  • Cage-Free Chicken Recipe