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Olsen’s Milled C.O.B is a blend of rolled corn, oats, and barley with molasses.Olsen's Livestock Feed

This 3 Way Grain Mix is a is used as an energy source for sheep, goats, horses, or cattle. Our C.O.B livestock feed is an affordable feed designed to provide optimal nutrition for your animals.

The C.O.B is 9% protein, 2% fat, and 6% fiber.  





The C.O.B is 9% protein, 2% fat, and 6% fiber.  


Sheep and Goats: feed 0.5-1.5 pounds per head per day. Cattle and horses: feed 4-10 pounds per head per day. Do not feed this product’s free choice. Provide adequate forage and freshwater at all times.  This is not a complete supplemental feed.  Further supplementation is required. You should always store feed in a clean environment free of moisture, rodents, insects, and other pests. 

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