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Purina Honor Show PoultryOffer Your Show Enthusiasts the Best!         

This is a nutritionally complete, balanced ration for growing broilers from hatch to market.

This 26% protein feed is designed to get birds off to a good start and grow them into show condition within a very short period of time. Purina Mills Honor Show Chow Broiler Complete is supported by Purina Mills knowledge, experience and research.



 Nutritionally complete feed Contains all the essential nutrients required throughout the growing and finishing phases – allows show birds to develop to their full potential
 Amino acid balance Gets birds off to a good start and quickly grows them into show condition – allows proper growth and development to produce good conformation – promotes excellent feathering
 Highly effective pigmenting materials Results in a deep skin, shank and beak color
 Product form - Particle size is easy for starting chickens and growing birds to eat - Prevents sorting – assures consistent nutrient intake - Reduces feed wastage
 High fat and energy content - Provides necessary fuel to grow birds - Birds develop an excellent finish
 Research and field proven Feed it with total confidence – backed by Purina Mills’ legendary tradition of fundamental and applied research – numerous winning entries at local and national shows
 Medicated Option (Amprolium and BMD) - Aids in the prevention of coccidiosis - For increased weight and improved feed efficiency - No withdrawal time required


Warning: Use as sole source of amprolium. Special Consideration Do not use in feeds containing bentonite. Important Tips for Raising Award-Winning Poultry Efficient production requires a thorough understanding and application of the fundamental principles of good husbandry and sanitation. These include:

  1. GOOD BREEDING: Good breeding gives poultry the ability to perform satisfactorily and produce healthy offspring.
  2. GOOD NUTRITION: An adequate amount of a balanced ration containing all required nutrients, vitamins and minerals is essential for good health and proper conformation.
  3. SOUND MANAGEMENT: “Know How” is required to provide the proper environment and care to minimize stress, which can adversely affect development.
  4. CAREFUL SANITATION: Cleanliness is essential in providing a healthful environment.
These are the building blocks of the Purina Mills® Honor Show Chow® poultry program and the keys to successful poultry production.  Practical application of these basic principles will not only enhance your bird’s growth and development, but also increase its potential of winning on the show circuit.

Guaranteed Analysis

 Guaranteed Analysis 
 Crude Protein, not less than  26.0%
 Lysine, not less than  1.10%
 Methionine, not less than  0.40%
 Crude Fat, not less than  4.5%
 Crude Fiber, not more than  4.5%
 Calcium, not less than  0.70%
 Calcium, not more than  1.20%
 Phosphorus  0.60%
 Active Drug Ingredients
 Amprolium  0.0125%
 BMD  50 grams/ton


Feed to show birds as the sole ration from hatch until birds are shown.

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