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We love hearing back from happy customers! Art Crawford from Cottonwood, AZ explains the results he saw in his horse after he started feeding Purina Outlast Gastric Support Supplement. Have questions about Outlast, post them below and we’ll get back with you! Thank you for your support Art! #feedgreatness

Hi! My name is Art Crawford and I’ve been roping all my life. I’ve got a horse that has ulcers and two years ago it got so bad I was having to ace him and I had him on some medicine the vet gave me for his ulcers, but nothing was coming together. This horse was grinding his teeth. He didn’t want to go back in that corner of the box where I had the fourth or fifth steer. He got so wound up and the 8th promazine was fine, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for.

So, I came into Olsen’s one day and I was talking with them and they put me on a product made by Purina called Outlast. I’m very skeptical about stuff like that and I tried it. This horse has not been like this in the past two years. He’s level, he’s not grinding his teeth, he’s working, he’s paying attention. He had made a believer out of me because I was almost getting to the point where I would not have been able to rope on this horse anymore. He is just a different horse, it didn’t take away from his ability, his speed, his performance, or anything like that. It just leveled him out and his ulcers are not bothering him anymore, he quit grinding his teeth. I think anybody, no matter what you’re doing with your horse performance wise, you need to take a look at this. I’m telling you something, I don’t back anything up very much, but this stuff really really works. It’s good. It’s good for you. You can just take it and put it on top of your grain or your hay or whatever, I use a cup and a half a day and it has straightened this horse out completely. This sucker could get wound up. Anyway, Purina has come out with this, it works, it’s good. So if you have any doubts or anything else, talk to Purina, talk to your people here at Olsen’s. They know what this will do. Like I said, I’ve been roping all my life and I have the theory that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I don’t believe in giving my horse a lot of supplements, but this stuff works. It has been a life saver for me. I was almost to the point where I wasn’t going to be able to rope him anymore. He wasn’t paying attention, he just wasn’t working. He’s a completely different horse. He’s back like he was when I first bought him as a four-year-old. So, go talk to your Olsens people, your Purina dealer, wherever you are. Try this, if you have this kind of problem. You may not even know that this horse has ulcers. It reduces the acidity in the stomach and it also has a calming effect. It doesn’t reduce the performance, it just levels him out. That’s it, that’s all I got to say about this. It really works. I thank Olsen’s and I thank Purina for this because like I said, I was at the point of about almost not being able to rope on this horse, so thanks!