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The Arizona Retailers Association is pleased to announce that Olsen’s for Healthy Animals has been selected as the Retailer of the Year from Legislative District 1. Arizona State Senator Ken Bennett nominated Olsen’s for Healthy Animals for this Award.
ARA and Senator Bennett know the value of businesses in Arizona; therefore, we are pleased to publicly acknowledge the impact of Olsen’s for Healthy Animals in Legislative District 1 and reward you for your efforts. We know that retail demands a lot of you; the hours, the risks and all the daily responsibilities that may keep you up at night. We want to celebrate your accomplishments.
This is a special program offered by the Arizona Retailers Association for Arizona State Legislators to identify and present an Award to a retailer in her/his district who has taken the plunge, opened a storefront, built a customer base, and lived the ups and downs of retail. Your business has proven to be a go-to stop; a place that customers look at and say “wow, they’re really onto something here”; a company that you feel good doing business with; and, a retailer who wants the best for their customers, employees and their community. You have been recognized as a passionate, hardworking merchant.
The Award will be presented at the ARA Annual Awards Luncheon in conjunction the ARA Annual Meeting which will be held on October 18, 2023. On behalf of the ARA Board of Directors, I am happy to recognize Olsen’s for Healthy Animals as one of the 2023 Retailers of the Year along with the retailers from other legislative districts throughout Arizona.